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EFC Grants $72,000 to Six CUSD Schools

As a result of the fundraising efforts of the Education for the Children (EFC) board and generous donations from the local community, $72,000 was recently granted to six Capistrano Unified Schools: Tesoro, Las Flores Middle, Las Flores Elementary, Wagon Wheel, Arroyo Vista and Tijeras Creek.

“As grant committee chair it is a privilege to make sure each school receives funding for teacher requested programs and materials,” said Elizabeth Bastian, EFC Board Member. “EFC plays a unique role in that we provide funding for items that might otherwise not be available to the students and teachers. Our goal is to provide materials that enhance the school experience for children and this year we were so pleased to grant $72,000 to our family of schools.”

Numerous grants were submitted from each school. Some of the items that were granted are listed below.

  • Tijeras Creek: Laptops for Teachers and Students, Common Core Math Teacher Lessons and Abacus, and White Boards

  • Las Flores Elementary: iPad Minis, iPad Touches, P.E. Equipment, and Dictionaries

  • Las Flores Middle: SMART Board, Desktops, iPads, Historical Fiction, and P.E. Equipment

  • Wagon Wheel: iPad and WiPad Presenter Systems, Desktops and Laptops, and Perma -Bound Novels

  • Arroyo Vista: Desktops, Laptops, Projector/Camera, iPads, and Middle School Music

  • Tesoro: Desktops, Science Lab Computer Interfaces and Probes, Projectors, and Video Equipment

Donations made to EFC through its events like the new annual EFC Youth Games, the popular spring event, and Friends of EFC donations help make these grants possible and help every student now and for years to come.

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