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We are always happy to answer any questions teachers have about grants, or community members have about supporting the organization. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Education for the Children Foundation Board of Directors

Chairman and Executive Director

Michelle Harris


Christie Martinez


Becky Garcia

Board Members

Arroyo Vista


Joe McGann, Ex Officio Director

Esencia School

Becky Garcia

Jimar Garcia

Josh Wellikson, Ex Officio Director

Las Flores Elementary


Holly Wiseman, Ex Officio Director

Tijeras Creek Elementary

Michelle Harris

Diann Buckingham, Ex Officio Director

Wagon Wheel elementary


Jean Grabowski, Ex Officio Director

Las Flores Middle School

Kari Ruskin

Michael Kim, Ex Officio Director

Tesoro High School

Debra Douglass

Ken Ezratty, Ex Officio Director

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