Champion $1,000

Rancho Mission Viejo

​​​2017 - 2018 Friends of EFC Challenge

Jim and Amy Bourne
Bill  Bowden

Tonya Goodbrand

Christopher and Kjersten Johnson
Lisa Kas
The Kim Family
Dominic and Jocelyn Liganor
Jean Liu
The Lundgren Family
John and Monica McDermott

Poppy  Moore
David and Aileen Morgan
Andy Nation

The Nguyen Family


Education For The Children Foundation

ATTN: Friends of EFC

22431 Antonio Parkway

P.O. Box 611
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-3932

The Brown Family

Amy Chergey
David and Esther Chun
Clay and Terry Corwin
Michale and Anh Cruse

Steve and Karen DeLaura
Patty and Tom Furukawa
Karen Hanley

Kimberlie Harmon
Brian and Karen Hill

Ulrike Leivici


Hero of Education $500

Marilyn  Buescher

Tammy Horton

Jenii Jacobson
Gin Japlit
Deborah Jory
Joy Justus

Elizabeth Kiener
Corey and Melissa Langston

Shari and John Lindgren

Amy Laskey

Kim Looft
Linh Ly
Kelly and Bonnie McBean

Brian McElfish
Sean McNamara
Suzanne  Melton
Coral Miller

Jerome and Vivian Miyahara

Kenna Morgan
Steve Nickell

Alecia Ojinaga

Danielle Pearson
Scott Pedersen

Jerome and Katy Penna
Stephanie Petsiani

Donations to Education for the Children Foundation are tax deductible.  Please contact for our Tax ID number.  Thank you

Katie Anderson
Jennifer Bell-Dayoan

Erin Bishop
Erin Blomdahl

The Caliendo Family
Shannon Calligori

Joana Carvalho
Patrick Chan

Christa De La Parra

Laurie Dedo

Sally Edwards

Roy Fenn
Lesley Fernandez

Danielle Fitzpatrick
The Garcia Family
Michelle Gicking
Ruth Gomez

Lynn Gordon
Melissa Gott
Gail Grigaux
Autumn Haefner
Kathryn Hagan

Dan and Natasha Hart

Juliet Hogan

​​For Friends of EFC donations by mail, please download flyer and send your contribution along with the completed Friends of EFC Flyer to the address below.

Vivian Jenikins
Jaspreet Kaur
Sarah Koehler
Daniel and Kim Krones
Ryan and Angie Manning
Christopher and Andree Martin

Stephen Martin

Scott McGregor

Erin McMurray
Brandi Morinoue Ahsan
Andrew and Kandie Moro

Deborah Messman

Deanne Moscrop
Michelle Nash
Rosanne Nelson
The Ness Family
Sarah and Edward Padilla
Heather Props
Ben and Jaye Putman

Dave and Andrea Phillips
Amy Rehnelt
Jane Richardson
Laila Rizk
Jennifer Roecker
Tom and Carrie Romero
Terri Lynn Savage
Gretchen Schick
Karen Schwabe

Cynthia Stark

The Stepien Family
Kristi Strandquist
Sharon Temporal
Edward Thangaratram

Cinnamon Trojak
Greg and Deana Uhrig
Jennifer Vega

The Vollebregt Family
Kristine Waldren
Kathy and Darren Warren

Donna Webster
Jeana Wolfe

Hongyu Xing

Pamela Zelaya

20th Anniversary Challenge

Todd and Karey Palmer

Jimmie & Stacey Pugh
Nicholas Richmond
Victoria Roach
Randy and Eileen Rubens

Eleonora Scott

The Smith Family
Keith Szczudlak

The Torres Family
Vinh Huynh & Thao Truong
Jenny and Vincent Tran

Alma M. Uminsky
Alison Wilson
Lisa Zylstra

Laura Rosenberg
Heather Sahargun
Mark and Carolyn Sieve
Hudson Sirjani
Don Skaff
Glen Smith
Zack and Jill Sweaney
SherylLynn Takahashi
Heidi Triplett
Enoch and Sheila Tseng
Victoria Viajar
William Wang
Sarah Way
Beth and Luke Whitlinger
John and Theresa Yurkovich

Lisa Ziemba

Friends of EFC
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For credit card or electronic payments, please utilize the Paypal Form below:

Gold $100

Corporate Champion $5,000

Cox Communications

We began our Friends of EFC program to provide families and local businesses the opportunity to support our endeavors when unable to attend our fall and spring events.   Friends of EFC is a great opportunity to showcase your business or family on our website as part of our website recognition program while supporting our local schools. Become a FRIEND OF EFC today!

Education For The Children Foundation | 22431 -B160 Antonio Parkway, P.O. Box 611
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-3932 |

Nicole Lopez

Eric McBride

The Molinari Family

The McGarvey Family

Michelle Moore

Nico  Rafatjoo
Tamara Trainer
Krista and John Vigouroux
Amy von Kuenel
Douglas Wilkins

Demo and Christine Zeppos

The Ahern Family

Kathy Almond
The Arp Family
Madhu Ayyagari
Nikta Azimi
Deborah Biddle-Costillo
Ken and Linda Bundy

Kevin Corbett
Brian and Amber Costello
Duy and Sandra Dao
Nichole DeGidio
Mary Devault

Debra Douglass
Christine Eyres
Maggie Gourgy

Paula Henry
David and Donna Horner
John and Kimberly Houldin
Erinn Igarashi